Shikisakura Summer Tokubetsu Junmai

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Utsunomiya Shuzo
Product description

【Limited Edition - Summer 2023、E/strong>

This is a special junmai sake exclusively available for this summer, with a slightly dry and rich flavor profile. It features a fruity aroma and a refreshing, crisp taste.

Made from Gohyakumangoku rice (Yanagida Sake Rice Research Association) polished to 60%, with an alcohol content of 15%. It is brewed using yeast from Tochigi Prefecture.

    Required in units of 6 bottles (multiples of 6) per brewery
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Detailed Information
Volume 720ml
Alcohol Level  
Alcohol Level
Sake Meter Level  
Sake Meter Level
An indicator of the sweetness or dryness of sake. Generally, a negative value indicates sweetness, while a positive value indicates dryness.
Acid Level  
Acid Level
A numerical expression of the total amount of acidity. A high acid level indicates sharpness and richness, while a low indicates lightness and sweetness.
Polish Level  
Polish Level
The ratio of rice remaining after scraping from the outside. By shaving off the surface layer, sake can be made with a distinctive aroma and free of impurities.
Professional Review

"Pear, melon, fruity, young grassy greenness with a hint of Camembert cheese behind. Lychee juice, grilled fried tofu as temperature rises. The attack is clean and smooth, with a delicious flavour that develops in the mouth as the temperature rises. Slowly develops into a rich, savoury umami. Recommended served cold. "

Pairing Suggestion: Macaroni au gratin, breaded salmon, saffron risotto, croque-monsieur, quiche.
Shuhei Nitta

Professional French Chief & YUKARI Special Ambassador

"The nose is based on youthful grapefruit and lychee notes, which are harmonised with astringent aromas of apricot curd, white bean dumplings and kneaded sesame, as well as woody notes of cypress and boxwood. It has a mild, creamy, gentle sweetness and a lingering umami flavour that gives it fullness. It is best enjoyed at 10-15°C with a large, flat sake cup."

Pairing Suggestion: Grilled yellowtail with salt, garland chrysanthemum with sesame stains.
Shuntaro Tsuruta

Sommelier of Sake / Sake Diploma & YUKARI Special Ambassador