Hokuyo Junmai Daiginjo Fukurotsuri

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Uozu Shuzo
Product description

The "Fukuro-tsuri" sake, which has been loved for many years, has been newly refined in production. As a result of more careful brewing, the rich flavor of the rice is now felt more clearly, and it has a highly aromatic taste that is the pinnacle of the Hokuyo series.

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Detailed Information
Volume 720ml
IngredientsRice, Rice Koji
Alcohol Level  
Alcohol Level
15.0 % vol.
Sake Meter Level  
Sake Meter Level
An indicator of the sweetness or dryness of sake. Generally, a negative value indicates sweetness, while a positive value indicates dryness.
Acid Level  
Acid Level
A numerical expression of the total amount of acidity. A high acid level indicates sharpness and richness, while a low indicates lightness and sweetness.
Polish Level  
Polish Level
The ratio of rice remaining after scraping from the outside. By shaving off the surface layer, sake can be made with a distinctive aroma and free of impurities.
Professional Review

"Along with the aroma of ripe melon, so many aromas - wildflowers, azalea nectar, Yamagata cherries - blend beautifully together. The taste is exactly like biting into a melon, with a strong sense of juiciness and natural acidity and sweetness, with an almost puff pastry-like savouriness and rich body that lasts until the end, but with a moderately short and cohesive finish."

Pairing Suggestion: Salt-baked oily fish, shellfish sushi, tiramisu, lightly stewed spring vegetables, plum crystals.
Shuhei Nitta

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"It has a vibrant and strong aroma of Western pear, quince, white peach, and muscat grape. The fragrance of kinmokusei (osmanthus) and jasmine harmonizes beautifully. With a rise in temperature, there are subtle accents of indulgent scents reminiscent of marshmallow or refined sugar, with a hint of spice resembling coriander seeds. The taste is smooth and rich, starting with a mellow and full sweetness, and then transitioning to an elegant impression with a touch of transparency and slight sharpness. The refreshing and beautiful impression lingers in the aftertaste. It is recommended to serve at a temperature range of 10 to 15°C, in an Armagnac glass or a smaller Burgundy glass."

Pairing Suggestion: Flounder carpaccio with wasabi, and snow crab shabu-shabu.
Shuntaro Tsuruta

Sommelier of Sake / Sake Diploma & YUKARI Special Ambassador