Rokkosan Pure Malt Whiskey MIZUNARA

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Rokkosan Distillery
Product description

We have carefully selected malt spirits from Scotland and further matured them in mizunara oak casks, alongside the clear air of the forest. We have also added natural water drawn from a well on the summit of Mount Rokko to adjust the flavor. This non-peated pure malt whiskey is characterized by the gentle sweetness and richness of malt, an oriental fragrance derived from mizunara, and a lingering finish reminiscent of the refreshing breeze that sweeps through the trees.

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Detailed Information
Volume 720ml
Alcohol Level  
Alcohol Level
42.0 % vol.
Sake Meter Level  
Sake Meter Level
An indicator of the sweetness or dryness of sake. Generally, a negative value indicates sweetness, while a positive value indicates dryness.
Acid Level  
Acid Level
A numerical expression of the total amount of acidity. A high acid level indicates sharpness and richness, while a low indicates lightness and sweetness.
Polish Level  
Polish Level
The ratio of rice remaining after scraping from the outside. By shaving off the surface layer, sake can be made with a distinctive aroma and free of impurities.
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